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Is this classed as gross/ weird?

Claudia NL: How come there is no Argentinian Spanish? It's by far the sexiest one!

Tristen112: Do more Russian videos please! They get the most views!

Jasleen Pannu: German humor is like German bread. it's dark and harsh and not to everyone's taste even though Germans think it's the best thing ever.

Dove Barnett: Try an episode of Syrian or somalia dating, I'll be glad to help

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GOINSLE: Indian man here

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Nacho2382: So can we have a video with actual people instead of models or celebrities which personify an image that's unobtainable

Stelios D: Badass but also uncomfortable.

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E Charts: Can you make one for Spanish girls (as in girls from Spain or portuguese girls (Portugal)?

Dan Pahomi: OMG this guy is hot and I mean hot.wow

Nayel 99: Don't you ever get tired of potatoes?

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A unfathomable anal inspection

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