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Kjell-TV - Vilka är alla dessa batterier? I detta avsnitt av Hur funkar det? Frågorna tillhörande avsnittet Deltaco presenterar en batteriladdare för vanliga batterier - LV7BATCHA Med...

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  • Juridiskt ansvar gentemot slavägarna myndigheter ligger helt hos kommentatorn.

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When Cameramen Attack 5 - Gay Dating Affair

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Mh abusing the cameraman ii

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George Mev92: Bravo! you are doing a great job. Many thanks for your vid and for your time. Greetings from Germany

Anna Tinning: I really liked the video!

Aya Amirdash: Toronto, Ontario Kanashastan is unfriendly, fake, nosey, stupid, boring, and looks like Asia in the worst way.

Dark B4Nkaii: I think this video can go for Norwegian woman as well. More or less the same thing :)

Nicoleta H: This just really pisses me off, because clearly they don't know shit about the Netherlands, and I don't know where this Loepsie girl comes from, but not from the place I live

Ian Fink: Started in a club, Shes from Norway and im from Australia.

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BO DEAN MIKE ANDERS Mafia twinks Mark Lee: Please please do a dating a French girl then! This is very good I love this channel

Joshua Pokai: If anyone used the line Did it hurt then? I'd say When I fell from heaven? Yeah it's why I look so ugly.

Leisiyox: I speak Brazilian Portuguese n honestly I have no idea what she said

Bruno Dalcin: I find her really attractive but I hope many Italian women aren't this frantic or obsessive. :/

Margaret K.: I can imagine


Joe Sugg's Gf: Roosh V can explain why cities like TORONTO are the WORST city for dating! There must be something in the water and in the women in Toronto who have turned Toronto into HELL for men!

Sara Tanveer: For me Portugal Portuguese is better. It's like Spanish and Polish had a baby.

Halfrightface: If you are out with a woman like that. Dump Her!

Aree Oree: Keith from UK just wants to punch a guy because if the way he looks.Keith.I think you're the douche!

Pizzalover: I'm annoyed the french one was bad as fucking fuck

Random Stuff: Both video's no Arabic, Persian or anything. mehh

Nishi Tiwari: I find it funny how everyone loves the cockney accent because here in England I wouldn't say it's exactly considered the most attractive accent XD

Dance Lover: Brasil music. funk

And they on be undergoing enjoyable, too.

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  1. Only a fag would say that, Oopsie! You just let everyone know you're gay! LMFAO!

  2. When is the last time a white person stood up for their race? We are called racists for trying to further the white race.

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Mh abusing the cameraman ii Rancho Cucamonga hookup!

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for example, drug abuse or criminality,” or (ii) for cases where the youth's guardians “cannot provide the role of “cameraman” (in contrast to, for example, Forsberg, ) but rather a participant Goodwin, M. H. ()....